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RPA and Digital Transformation 2021
Digital Transformation RPA

RPA + Digital Transformation – The Winning Combo In 2021

A couple of years ago, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was predominantly known as the most basic automation technique aimed at relieving manual intervention for mundane tasks, especially in the insurance secto...

New Technologies Disrupting Robotics in 2021
Digital Transformation RPA Technology

How New Technologies are Disrupting Robotics in 2021

Robotics have been disrupting industries for a long time, from manufacturing to tourism and even the healthcare industry. The main reason robotics changed the manufacturing industry is that robots can do tasks ...

Digital Transformation for Small Business
Digital Transformation

Why Digital Transformation Is the Only Saving Grace for Small Businesses to Survive in The Post COVID Era

If anyone were to ask about the right time to invest in digital transformation for small businesses, the answer would be now in 2020. The raging COVID 19 pandemic has already claimed over 1 million lives global...

Data Integration Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Technology

Data Integration – The First Step Towards Digital Transformation

What began as a buzzword two decades ago, digital transformation is a mainstream phenomenon in the business world with almost every organization making calculated moves to transform part or all of their busines...

Digital Transformation Framework for Small Businesses
Digital Transformation

A Digital Transformation Framework for Small Businesses

The challenges that most organizations faced in 2020 are perhaps unlike any hurdle experienced in the past. If anything, this year solidified the value of digital technologies. As businesses had their resilienc...

Employees at The Centre of Your Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Technology

Keeping Employees at The Centre of Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

Most organizations today have already embarked on the digital transformation journey. Those who haven’t have to jump on this bandwagon sooner than later.  As technology and software become the drivers of busine...