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Android App Bundle
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Android App Bundle (AAB) — Here Is What You Need to Know!

Isn’t it fascinating to see how there are hundreds of different specifications, architecture, screen resolutions for Android phones, and still, the same applications work on all of them? It all began from...

Best Practices in Mobile App Designing
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Let’s Talk About the Best Practices in Mobile App Design 

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, globally, mobile usage has increased by 40%.  With self-quarantine and work from home strategies in place, checking the mobile has become synonymous with coffee or smoking breaks. Pe...

Native App Vs Hybrid App

Native or Hybrid App – Answer these 7 Questions Before You Decide

When digital transformation is the topic of CXO conversations and mobile has taken over the world, organizations of all sizes are keen to adopt the latest mobility innovations and trends to unlock opportunities...

Native App Development

Key Reasons Why We Love Developing Native Apps

Key Reasons Why We Love Developing Native Apps From entertainment to tracking news, posting social media updates, and doing exercises, mobile apps have become a constant companion of people. No wonder, Apple an...