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Digidesk is an e-onboarding solution designed to eliminate manual data entry and paper documents while providing a great candidate experience.







Why Digidesk?

  • Digidesk gives your employees/clients a hassle-free onboarding experience across platforms and at their convenience.
  • Reduce up to 95% of manual processing errors and process inefficiencies
  • 100% safe and secure mode of document management designed to support your business modules
  • Reduce up to 85% of onboarding costs by going completely digital.
  • Moreover saves trees by making the onboarding process paperless


The following are the major features in Digidesk,

  • Onboarding by form filling and document management
  • Inclusion of OCR feasibility to capture and enter data in the forms during onboarding
  • Aadhar QR code scanning to populate the data in the forms
  • Automatic offer letter generation (Template should be same)
  • E-buddy Module to connect the new hire and the employees
  • Engagement Module to engage the employee
  • HRMS Integration to update the onboarded new hire information to any HRMS portal
  • Survey module to get feedback from the users

Onboarding by form filling and document management

  • Digitize, Send, Fill, Upload, and Manage your forms and documents anytime, anywhere by using just smartphones/laptops/desktops.
  • Manage all your users, permissions, and data from a single application.


OCR is an optical character reading technology. Here, when a candidate starts onboarding, the candidate can capture images of standard documents like cheque book and pan card that will be used later in the form filling stage.

The OCR reader reads the characters from the image and populates the data in the respective fields based on the requirement in the Digidesk application. This makes it easier for the new hire to onboard himself to the application as few of the important data like bank account number, cheque number, pan card number etc will be filled already.

QR Scanning

QR Scanning can be used to populate the QR scanned aadhaar data in the forms. The new hire can just scan the QR code form his/her aadhaar card, such that the details like name, father name, DOB, address, and gender can be automatically populated in the forms.

Offer Letter Generation

The offer letters can be generated by giving the basic data while adding a new candidate request. The offer letters are automatically generated and the data is mapped in the template, given that the template is common for all employees.



The E-buddy feature in Digidesk is to connect the new hire to an employee of the company/ This feature is to make the employee get acquainted with the new hire and clarify any doubts/queries regarding their work or company. In this feature, an e-buddy can be assigned to the new hire from the employee database. Once assigned, both the members would receive a notification with their details.

Engagement Module

The engagement module helps the organization to keep the new hire engaged during his/her onboarding process. Using the engagement module, an HR/admin can upload the required documents in the Digidesk portal and the candidates can view them in the app on a defined date.

HRMS Integration

Digidesk has the feasibility of Integration with HRMS tools. All the details of the candidate recorded during the onboarding process using Digidesk can be sent to the organization’s current HRMS portal using API integration such that double-entry of candidate data can be avoided.

Survey Module

The betterment of a product revolves around the feedback of its users. Digidesk(Integreon) has a survey module to get the user feedback once the onboarding is completed, and the answers can be reviewed in the reports.