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People Management

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Digital Employee Onboarding Platform

Using paper forms to onboard your new hires /customers/ vendors / partners ? Switch to Digidesk and give an unparalleled onboarding experience with 100% digital solution and engaging them effectively. Use Digidesk to reduce your onboarding cost by 60%.

Manage Resources Effectively


People Management for Modern Enterprises

A mobile first light weight HRMS that lets you smartly recruit, onboard, engage, track leaves, claims and process payroll like you have experienced never before.


Frictionless Skill Movement Platform

The future of work requires a bottom up fix. PeopleChain will lay the foundation for a skill based economy where a pre-verified and validated digital resume lets people move skills as seamlessly as money.

Premise Management

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A digital visitor management system

Ara is modern, paperless, secure and interactive visitor management system. With voice enabled features and facial recognition built-in Ara can do more than just manage your visitors.



Facial Recognition & Authentication Solution

An A.I. based​ face detection, face capture and face match platform to secure your premises.


A Predictive Building Energy Management System

A sensor agnostic IoT gateway based solution that lets enterprises track, optimise and predict the energy usage of an enterprise.