Internet of Things

Digitizing connectivity for optimized performance

The number of devices that make up IoT is exploding, with nearly as many devices connected to the Internet today as there are people on the planet.

  • It is estimated that there are over 6 billion connected devices in use worldwide as of 2017, with that number expected to top 25 billion by 2020, and close to $2 trillion economic benefit globally.
  • When objects can both sense the environment and communicate, they become tools for understanding complexity and responding to it swiftly.

Heptagon brings smart, secure and easy solutions for optimising the working efficiency of enterprises. It provides the IoT solutions to create opportunities for innovation, value chain enhancement and transformation that improve the performance of existing M2M communication which rules out the out-dated traditional ways of working


Automation of daily tasks
The IoT allows you to automate and control the tasks that are done on a daily basis, avoiding human intervention. Machine-to-machine communication helps to maintain transparency in the processes.

The machine-to-machine interaction provides better efficiency; hence accurate results can be obtained fast. This results in saving valuable time. Instead of repeating the same tasks every day, it enables people to do other creative jobs.

Saves Money
Optimum utilization of energy and resources can be achieved by adopting this technology.

Our Approach

Create intelligent solutions for optimizing your performance by providing better connectivity between machines where the information is readily accessible with higher reliability, accuracy and efficiency



Connecting with you to learn the business processes and machinery used to help you overcome the hurdles on the path to your success



Introducing a required middleware for enhancing the performance of existing machinery, technology stack defining and forming the information architecture

User Experience

User Experience

Stage of designing the high level user experience and defining user behaviours and interactions

Agile Development

Agile Development

Stage of Sprints writing and testing functionality

Performance measurement


Stage of rigorous unit, feature, functionality and user testing

Launch, Support and Maintain

Stage of getting certified on app store, play store and launch with maintenance schedule