Manufacture your company’s growth with Heptagon’s thoughtful solutions

The digital transformation revolution warrants Manufacturing entities to evolve rapidly and embrace advanced operations and supplier ecosystems. The need of the hour is to adopt smart products and collaborate on platforms that result in massive service capability and ultimately sustained cost reduction.

The traditional interaction with end customers is extinct. Ever changing complexities in buyer behavior and lethally armed competition make it essential for Manufacturing companies to explore multiple options for sales, service, revenue growth and cost savings.

We support Industrial Manufacturing companies, with even nil experience in navigating the complex landscape of new age solutions that aid to growth and a rock solid bottomline. We deliver bespoke and tailor made solutions, enabling them to fix their current processes, thus, leading to maximized productivity, reduced cost, and enhanced customer experience.

The most essential raw material for any manufacturing company is not it’s iron ore or coal, but it’s people – who slog day in and day out to keep the gears turning and keep up the progress without any hindrance. Learn here about how we stabilized V-Guard’s employee on-boarding and management process with our solutions.

Industry 4.0 optimizes the most essential elements of your setup – The man, the machine and the process. There is a guaranteed drop in unplanned downtime when data from equipment is captured at regular intervals, fed into cloud based systems that churn out actionable insights.  Learn how we think about IoT services.

The unsung heroes of every manufacturing company are its suppliers. Especially when you are a leader in manufacturing mission critical items like cutting edge medical equipment. Learn how we worked along with Clinisupplies (UK’s largest) to transform a big piece of their supplier process.

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