Heptagon is transforming the way public service providers improve citizens lives through technology solutions

The citizens of today’s world expect the transparency, efficiency and agility of a private sector, from it’s governments. A report says that 75% of government entities are distrusted by its citizens, performing much below than private entities. The government has the wherewithal and sometimes even the intent to create an engaging, empowering, transparent and accountable environment across various aspects. Hence, the governments must openly embrace new technology, ideas and processes to digitally transform themselves.

Heptagon is working hard with governments to create an environment where citizens, businesses and government departments are engaged in the most optimal way possible, to basically change the perception of the citizens towards the government.

Staying true to the crux of democracy – Of the people, by the people and for the people; Learn how Heptagon worked closely with the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation(Tamil Nadu, India) to elevate the citizen and local business experience, thereby ushering in major transparency and increased efficiency.

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