Technology Services to help you Educate more!

Time, Tide and Technology wait for none. The same is true for the education industry, which is currently challenged by digital disruption and mandated to be relevant in this current day and age. The relevance of a brick and mortar institution has been losing its lustre compared to the mighty World Wide Web. The students prefer their curriculum and their overall experience to be highly personalized and powered by digital technology and cognitive solutions.

The concept of one to one tutoring will sound tempting to any student. For the student, the years of experience of the tutor will be available on tap and the tutor’s undivided attention will be on the student. But, in the real world this is not possible as the relationship is usually one to many. However, with A.I and advanced cognitive systems, universities are enabling this virtual one to one experience by leveraging technology to support students throughout their journey and assisting them wherever and whenever they lag and for that matter how many ever times.

For instance, various mobile language apps are springing up and helping millions of students learn a foreign language in ways that are deeply immersive, engaging and personalized. These programs utilize algorithms to adapt learning pathways.  And a recent trial of a math app created for children saw that in just 6 weeks students made the years worth of progress when compared to traditional teaching method.

So, is the future really going to be apocalyptic? Are programs and machines going to replace our kind hearted teachers? NO! Man + machine ≠ Doomsday. Man + Machine = Super Power

Lear how we worked along with one of Malaysia’s top universities to engage over 10,000+ students and enhance their everyday experience, with the power of technology.

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