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Being the most essential and important player in every economy, this industry is facing the toughest of challenges in the current scenario. From losing market share to innovative players, to getting trapped in ponzi scams, banks are currently being clobbered from all angles. Simply becoming a digital version of their current state won’t be enough to thwart these blows.

Taking inspiration from it’s new age competitors, the banks need to believe in digital and embrace growth through dynamic disruptions and evolving technology models that are agile and don’t suffer from the usual inertia towards change. This is the age where being mobile isn’t enough, you have to be more social. Where having a payment or credit model isn’t enough, you have to reinvent it. Where just capturing data isn’t enough, you have to be steadfast in generating actionable actionable insights which have to be easily consumable by the customers as well as business users.

Emerging markets are the new engines of growth for banking across the globe. And an emerging market just cannot fit into a solution that is made for the developed world. Heptagon brings in strong experience of 10 years of building products deep from the heart of emerging markets.

Learn how Heptagon worked along with Lakshmi Vilas Bank in India, to roll out a first in the world Digital Hundi.

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