Hackday aims to kindle the spirit of innovation and inspires the teams to build pragmatic solutions for real world problems.

Edition One

Our first corporate hackathon. With cross functional teams of designers, developers and product champions the hackathon goal was to build "the platforms and bots of the future".






Automated Hiring

Imagine a world where recruitment is taken care by Robots. Team F5 built an intelligent bot that takes away the pain of recruitment by automating the processes with technology.

Digital Receptionist

Ara is a digital receptionist built by Team YNot. Ara remembers your visitors by their face, greets them, sets appointments for them and makes sure that they have a great experience at your office.

Employee Wellness Bot

Hira is a HR bot built by Team Hawks. Hira reimagines employee engagement with the power of deep learning. Hira predicts the satisfaction quotient of your employees and helps your retention.

Heartful Project Management

Oho is a project management tool built for the modern workplace by team Bruteforce.Oho accounts for the emotional components at a workplace to derive usable and actionable metrics