Top five most popular FAQ's

I just submitted my application, what can I expect?

We aim to respond to everyone within 2-3 weeks. At that time, we’ll let you know if we’d like to speak with you, need more information, or if your application isn’t a fit for what we’re looking for at the time.

I expected a more personalized experience — is there a human on the other side?

While our small team loves personal communication, we want to get you the most pertinent information as swiftly as possible. This doesn’t always allow for us to reply individually, but your experience is important to us.

I have all of the qualifications listed, but I wasn’t offered an interview. Why?

We wish that we could speak with every candidate, but the number of highly qualified applicants for a role is often too high to allow for it. We personally review about 500+ applications each month!

If I’m turned down, will you provide me with feedback so that I can improve?

We know that constructive criticism is really important for your career path, but because of the sheer volume of applications, it’s likely that you won’t receive personalized feedback.

What is the interview process like at Heptagon?

Just like working here, the interview process is both rigorous and fun! Depending on the position, it may involve taking a test. Once the interview process has begun, we make it a priority for candidates to meet with multiple individuals on the current team. It’s important to us that you and the team have every opportunity to ask the questions needed to make sure the position is right for you.