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Are Mobile Apps at The Center of Enterprise Digital Transformation?

Are you currently reading this on a mobile phone? If not, you’re still going to grab your phone to check the two notifications, right? Especially after the pandemic, as digital becomes the heart of everyd...

Digital Manufacturing Initiatives
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Top Reasons Why your Digital Manufacturing Initiatives Could Fail

In 2011, Gartner recognized IoT as one of the emerging technologies to keep an eye on. Since then, this technology has garnered a lot of attention and popularity. Several industries like healthcare, engineering...

Enterprise Apps Vs Consumer Apps
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Enterprise Apps Vs Consumer Apps – Mobile App Development Considerations

With 3.2 billion smartphone users and 1.14 billion tablet users, it is no surprise that mobile apps are in their golden period of rising. We have a smartphone or a tablet around us constantly, and well, chances...

A Start-up Founder's Guide to Mobile App Development
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A Start-up Founder’s Guide on Mobile App Development

The mobile app industry is massive, and it’s growing at a rapid pace. Especially post COVID, when a lot of people are working remotely and relying on online channels for their daily needs, the demand for high-p...

Digital Manufacturing Trends in 2021
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5 Digital Manufacturing Trends to Keep an Eye in 2021

Increasing competition from new-age, nimble, and tech-savvy companies is challenging the status quo of most manufacturing businesses today. As these new startups eat into the margins and market share of establi...

Swift or Java or Kotlin – Which is Your Favourite Language for iOS Apps
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Swift or Java or Kotlin – Which is Your Favourite Language for iOS Apps?

Going by Statista figures for July 2020, there are almost 4.4 billion iOS apps that are available in the Apple app store. Plus, around 30,000 new iOS apps are being added to the store every month.  So, which is...