The Future of Voice Technology in Mobile Apps
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The Future of Voice Technology in Mobile Apps

As enterprises continue to see increasing competition from the new-age start-ups, they find themselves struggling to maintain their status quo while looking to emerge victorious as their margins and market shar...

Create Your Next Enterprise App
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Things to Pay Attention to When Creating Your Next Enterprise App

Enterprise apps are mobile apps that enable smooth and seamless interactions between the employees and business departments and keep the teams engaged, productive, and efficient.  As homes continue to be the ep...

Android App Bundle
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Android App Bundle (AAB) — Here Is What You Need to Know!

Isn’t it fascinating to see how there are hundreds of different specifications, architecture, screen resolutions for Android phones, and still, the same applications work on all of them? It all began from...

How to Choose Between TDD and Manual Testing
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How to Choose Between TDD and Manual Testing?

When it comes to building cutting-edge software solutions, testing plays a very important role in ensuring the end product meets the quality and security expectations of users. For users, a well-performing, hig...

Importance of Big Data in Mobile App Development
App Data Technology

Big Data and Its Importance in Mobile App Development

Do you know how much data you produce in one second? Somewhere close to 1.5-2 MB data, adding up with each passing second. This is just the data creation of one person. Now imagine how huge this figure is for a...

Enterprise Apps Vs Consumer Apps
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Enterprise Apps Vs Consumer Apps – Mobile App Development Considerations

With 3.2 billion smartphone users and 1.14 billion tablet users, it is no surprise that mobile apps are in their golden period of rising. We have a smartphone or a tablet around us constantly, and well, chances...