The Client

The client is one of the top-ranked universities in Malaysia with campuses at two locations. The client has envisioned to build a smart campus to improve student life on the campus and improve it to the standards of world-renowned colleges. To start with, they decided to develop a mobile app for the students.

Industry: Education


  • The existing system is a web-based portal that runs on IIS server at the backend
  • The students used two portals to know about the academic information
  • The system used to hang or slow down on during peak times
  • The internet strength is low across the campus
  • The client developed an app earlier which was shut down due to security reasons
  • Some of the users (students & faculty) got used to the old system and they were reluctant for the change
  • The organization structure of the client is complex and it involves multiple levels of decision making and approvals

Business Solution

The board of the client decided that the first initiative of a smart campus must start with the mobile app for students. The client decided to build the app using Xamarin technology, a hybrid mobile app development technology so that there would be single source code. The use cases were decided by the client before the start of the project and the total timeline for the project is 14 weeks. The business solution for this project involved the following:

  • The project management plan along with the communication structure was explained clearly to the client and the requirements, wire-frames and UI were validated by the business users
  • There would be 2 types of users for the app
    • Guest
    • Students
  • Guests were given access to limited functions to know about the college events
  • Students were given access to all the modules as in the web portal
  • Based on the current timing, the student can view the upcoming classes or exams in a day
  • QR code-based attendance marking system was developed
  • Based on the user’s current location (campus-1 or campus-2), the bus stops along with the timings will be loaded
  • In campus navigation system is built in the application with functions to show the nearby facilities (parking, cafeteria, atms, and others) based on the user’s current location
  • Viewing exam schedule, extracurricular activities schedule, exam results, academic calendar, and campus news & events are the other modules developed in the app
  • The students can view the notifications within the app sent by the faculty from the existing portal
  • The app displays the progress report of the student for the entire curriculum and gives suggestions based on the student’s status. The text is displayed intelligently based on the logic applied in the backend
  • The app provides a reminder about the class, exam and other activities to the students well before the start of the event so that the student can plan for the event
  • The app is compatible with add another user type like the faculty. By this, the APIs need not be re-written once again
  • The backend is built using .NET Core, the fastest technology currently
  • The API gateway concept is used in the backend and hence the server will be able to handle a large number of requests
  • There are encryption done at the app end and server end so that there is no security breach

Business Outcomes

  • The students were able to use a single mobile app for viewing all their academic related information
  • The server configuration at the client place is architected in such a way that they can provide this infrastructure to other colleges and earn money
  • The app has improved the campus experience of the student and has improved the perception of the university
  • The app was adopted by all the students within 10-days of the launch and the rating is above 4.5