The Client

Quess Corp Limited is India’s leading business services provider. Quess excels in helping large and emerging companies manage their non-core activities by leveraging our integrated service offerings across industries and geographies which provides significant operational efficiencies to their clients. Quess has a team of over ~280,400 employees across India, North America, South America, South East Asia, and the Middle East across segments such as Industrials, Facility Management, People Services, Technology Solutions, and Internet Business. Quess serves over 1,900+ clients worldwide.

Business Pain and Challenges

  • In an average Quess onboard 1000 candidates in a day
  • The manual effort of the document collection process by the HR team is time-consuming
  • The monotonous process of filling up repeated forms makes the process of onboarding boring
  • Lack of candidate engagement throughout the onboarding process
  • Disorganized data collection and data management

Business Solution

  • Heptagon Technologies proposed the Paperless Onboarding Platform for Quess to replace the manual onboarding process
  • The Paperless Onboarding Platform (POP) is a unique mobile-based digital onboarding and document submission platform that enables users to onboard new hires with zero paperwork, significantly lesser effort in form filling and less than half the original time that it required earlier to complete the entire process.
  • Candidate engagement and reducing the time consumption of onboarding were the key objective of the proposed model
  • HR teams document verification process would be simplified
  • Document submission would be carried out through mobile application and the document verification done through the web portal
  • The proposed solution would reduce the processing error

Business Benefits / Outcome

  • Entire Onboarding of Quess is done through POP
  • Onboarding time has been reduced through candidate engagement by App and web-based onboarding
  • The cost incurred in onboarding has been slashed by 80%
  • Documents submitted by the candidates are stored in a common repository and easy accessible
  • POP has been integrated with the existing offer generation and payroll system for a seamless data flow


  • 6 Lakh Onboarding
  • 20 million sheets of paper saved
  • 12 million documents uploaded
  • 4000 Trees Saved