The Client

Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation is one of the most top-ranked emerging corporations in India. Coimbatore has been selected to the smart city scheme of the Indian government. The city has been emerging as an industrial and educational hub of the state of Tamilnadu, India.

Industry: City Municipal Corporation - Smart City Initiative

Business Pain and Challenges

  • Coimbatore is one of the biggest tier 2 city in Tamilnadu, India. With a population of around 1.9616 million people. The Municipal corporation finds it challenging to manage the needed facilities and infrastructure needs of the people of the city
  • Officers of the CCMC also find it difficult to inspect the facilities daily and report that to concerned department officers, as there are official dependencies on each department process followed
  • Citizens report to CCMC offices nearby their locality and report on facilities/assets damaged through a manual record maintained, which is also tedious for officers of CCMC to track

Business Solution

  • Heptagon Technologies proposed the Grievance Redressal Portal model for CCMC grievance management
  • Making Citizens also as stakeholders were one of the main features of the proposed model
  • The business solution was designed, with a model where citizens could post the grievance in their locality along with a photo proof through a mobile application
  • The portal would allocate the CCMC department officer based on the redressal type and locality setup of the citizen profile
  • This would help CCMC by auto allocation to concerned department officers. So that officers using a mobile application would be able to review redressal and be able to take necessary action and report to CCMC administrators

Business Benefits / Outcome

  • Citizens post the grievances they want to report to CCMC officers, so this allows managing grievances online and to track the work progress of each grievance by officers and CCMC administrators
  • This model also gives a sense of belongingness for citizens, as they started to feel responsible and also started to post their locality based grievances
  • The CCMC public work departments can report on the work statistics based on the progress of grievances resolution work
  • Citizens also can track and monitor grievances and can also reopen a grievance based on the review of work
  • The portal has helped CCMC to track and resolve around 11,000 grievances and they have around —— officers using the portal for grievance redressal and totally around —– citizens have been using the application successfully