The Client

Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited is one of the renowned banking services providers in India, with branches all over India. The DSGMC of NewDelhi takes care of the gurudwaras in the city and also takes care of all offerings and devotional services offered at the Gurudwaras

Industry: Banking Services

Business Pain and Challenges

  • Devotees offering donations to different gurudwara activities like food offering, offering prayer materials and donating for the expenditure of the gurudwaras
  • Devotees faces issue with donating online for DSGMC as there was no method to donate money online at all 6 gurudwaras
  • DSGMC also faced issues managing the liquid form of money
  • Managing donations details and also donors details was also done using hand vouchers and books
  • Gurudwara accounts team was facing an issue to manage the 6 locations cash flow and manage the liquid cash in hand

Business Solution

  • Digital Hundi was developed as a Kiosk application to be made available at Gurudwara premises to  help devotees donate
  • Devotees had the option of donating through digital money transfer using card payments
  • Devotees also can donate when they need through SMS option of the transaction, which is an online transfer from a mobile web browser
  • Devotees can view a record list of previous transactions made
  • Devotees can also choose the service for which they are willing to make a donation to Gurudwara
  • Gurudwara was able to track all transactions made, and for which service the donation was made

Business Benefits / Outcome

  • Promoted digital transfer of donations through the on-premises kiosk
  • Donations were managed using instant online transfer and user need-based SMS transfer
  • DSGMC was able to track all donations and also track users transactions history
  • Services based donations helped DSGMC to allocate funds for the operations of the services
  • Card and Online banking modes helped the devotees to make an instant transfer through a secured donation portal
  • DSGMC using the Digital hundi kiosk has around 2755 registered users who have made around 3979 donation transactions in all 09 Gurudwara locations managed