The Client

Clinisupplies is a UK based medical devices organization, specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of products for primary and secondary healthcare.  We are part of the Healthium group – a global healthcare organization increasing investment into the innovation of medical devices and services.

Industry: Clinical Equipment Manufacturer


The Goal of Clinisupplies is to build an interactive platform monitoring the complete process of payment and to reduce the manual effort involved in tracking, which currently is managed in multiple spreadsheets. Besides tracking, Clinisupplies also required invoice storage and report processing.

  • Manual tracking of the Creditors report from existing ERP
  • Invoice processing and Document management

Business Solution

  • Heptagon Technologies proposed the Accounts Payable tool for Clinisupplies payment tracking
  • The business design was designed, with the current workflow where all the users can update and track the process of payment
  • OCR functionality would help the user to convert the reports with ease and with more accuracy
  • OCR would be trained with the existing report formats used by Clinisupplies to capture records from multiple report type
  • To remove the manual monitoring of the reports were one of the main features of the proposed model
  • Records would be allocated based on the currency managed by the user who approves the payment
  • Payment approval and the confirmation would be tracked for auditing

Business Benefits / Outcome

  • OCR helped the users to fetch and digitalize the complete the payment records in the report
  • OCR conversion and payment tracking helped the users to reduce the manual work
  • This Application gave a secured feeling to the users by avoiding duplicate entries into the system
  • Reports help the Clinisupplies team follow up on the pending payment and close them on time
  • The portal has helped Clinisupplies team to process 2000 payments during the course