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Intelligent Automation vs. RPA vs. Hyperautomation – Understanding the Nuances

With digital transformation gaining momentum along with sophisticated IT implementation, most tasks within the business process are getting computerized. While humans are being employed to feed and control thes...


Five Cloud Security Threats to Watch Out for

Migrating to the cloud was one of the key trends that saw accelerated adoption during the pandemic. But it is imperative to understand that the cloud is also vulnerable to cyberattacks. Therefore, before migrat...


What You Need to Know About Microservices Antipatterns ?

In a 2021 IBM survey, more than 55% of the respondents affirmed adopting the microservices approach in the coming two years. Around 78% of the users currently using microservices confirmed that they would inves...


Boost Your Cloud Security with DevSecOps

Organizations’ growth endeavors are shifting as a result of digital transformation and the invariably evolving market demands. As such, businesses are acknowledging transformed processes, culture, and, mo...


Technology Trends that are Shaping the Metaverse

The future of the internet and the next major tech platform, the Metaverse, is taking the world by storm. The Metaverse is the collective term for a world of interconnected virtual spaces. It’s a concept ...

Top 7 Loopholes in Mobile App Security
App Technology

Top 7 Loopholes in Mobile App Security

The mobile app market is burgeoning, with more users downloading apps than ever before. However, this proliferation has also resulted in a surge in the vulnerabilities that “backdoor” cyber-crooks e...