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Service Mesh

Service Mesh: A New Way to Deploy Applications in the Cloud

Service meshes have been touted as the new way to deploy applications in the cloud. An application deployed with a service mesh is more resilient to failures, easier to maintain, and easier to operate than one ...

Differences and Similarities Between CloudOps and DevOps

It’s Time to Understand the Differences and Similarities Between CloudOps and DevOps

Statistically, an estimated 94% of enterprises use cloud services. The public service cloud market is predicted to reach $623 billion globally by 2023. Undeniably, cloud technology is highly successful in attra...

A Primer on Natural User Interfaces

A Primer on Natural User Interfaces

Natural User Interface (NUI) technology has been evolving for years and becoming more mainstream with each passing day. For instance, the most common NUI device currently on the market is Amazon Echo. This spea...

RPA Technology

GRC Efficiency – Improved With RPA

The Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) market is projected to hit $71.56 billion by the end of 2027, up from $31.95 reported in 2020. One of the most inter-reliant and diverse functions, GRC is i...


Let’s Understand the Various Stages of Digital Transformation

Every industry will  have to transform itself, for what’s “coming at us is bigger than the original internet,” and companies “need to understand it, get on board with it and figure out h...


The Impact of AI on Software Development

Gartner expects an increase of 21.3% in AI software revenue in 2022. With the current AI market being valued at over $60 billion, the AI-powered applications are soaring high across industries – including...