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Culture Hackathon

HackDay 2.0 —A log of the  24 hour Hackathon

What a draining yet invigorating last 2 days we had at Heptagon’s HQ in Coimbatore. Last year when we organized the first version of HackDay, a 24-hour company-wide hackathon we were a small team (40) split int...


Java Spring Boot – Quick look

Spring Boot aims to simplify Spring development and it is for all Java developers. Spring Boot has a way of making Spring more approachable even to those new to Spring Spring Boot makes it easy to create...

Product Management

What is RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and how to adopt it within a growing Company

You might have heard this word “RCA” or “Root Cause Analysis” and might have brushed it off as yet another industry jargon, but the truth is, it has positive and exponential effects in the long run for a growin...

Product Management

AGILE – A Cheat Sheet for Product Managers

There are a lot of scholarly articles written about Agile methodology and there are umpteen websites talking about this. I have tried to provide a “cheat sheet” for the project managers or business analysts bas...

Blockchain Technology

Peoplechain — an Abstract Introduction!

Peoplechain — Professional Life on Distributed Ledger — an Abstract Introduction! It’s important to understand that the movement of money is more important than money itself. Value comes from Movement. Value o...

Blockchain based Aadhaar – #NationalIdentity
Blockchain Technology

Blockchain based Aadhaar – #NationalIdentity

  By now almost everyone in the world is aware of India’s Aadhaar system, the Unique Identifier System that came into existence out of noble intentions but limitations of technology forced them to choos...