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Importance of Big Data in Mobile App Development
App Data Technology

Big Data and Its Importance in Mobile App Development

Do you know how much data you produce in one second? Somewhere close to 1.5-2 MB data, adding up with each passing second. This is just the data creation of one person. Now imagine how huge this figure is for a...

Information Security Considerations for Large Scale Projects

Information Security Considerations for Large Scale Projects

In 2020, the world witnessed the biggest push for digital services in history as the COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented levels of disruption to normal lives. From banking to shopping, entertainment, and ed...

Cloud and DevOps
Digital Transformation

Cloud and DevOps – Two Critical Pillars of the Digital Transformation Projects We Deliver

Call it digital transformation or innovation, this is now a “must-do” for all business enterprises in today’s digital age. Going by the recent IDC report, “65% of the global GDP will be digitalized by the year ...

Enterprise's Digital Agility Quotient
Digital Transformation

What Is Your Enterprise’s Digital Agility Quotient?

The COVID-19 pandemic thrust us into a world of chaos compelling us to think differently.  It also helped us understand that digital agility is essential for businesses to not only keep the lights on but also t...

Digital Transformation Strategy Technology

Are Mobile Apps at The Center of Enterprise Digital Transformation?

Are you currently reading this on a mobile phone? If not, you’re still going to grab your phone to check the two notifications, right? Especially after the pandemic, as digital becomes the heart of everyd...

Digital Manufacturing Initiatives
Digital Transformation Technology

Top Reasons Why your Digital Manufacturing Initiatives Could Fail

In 2011, Gartner recognized IoT as one of the emerging technologies to keep an eye on. Since then, this technology has garnered a lot of attention and popularity. Several industries like healthcare, engineering...