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5 Data Analytics Applications in eCommerce Retail

5 Data Analytics Applications in eCommerce Retail

Industry 4.0 is being fueled by the explosion in data. There’s a whole lot of information coming out of healthcare systems, factories, logistics, retailers, financial institutions, and most importantly, c...

Digital Transformation

How Digital Transformation Be Realized (Faster) with Low Code

Organizations have often struggled with the “building vs. buying” decisions at the time of digitizing their business processes. While the build option has been highly preferred, there are a lot of d...


Migration To Open-Source? Here Is a Simple Guide for You

Enterprises are quickly moving from the commercial software space to a more mature and economical community-operated open-source environment. To make the business user-friendly and fully digitized, this seems t...


4 Cross-Platform Mobile App Design Mistakes That Cost You Money

The two key operating systems – Android and iOS – are not the same. So is the case for Windows Phone OS, Palm OS, BlackBerry OS, etc. However, users expect a seamless experience, with all devices feeling ...


On-premises vs. Cloud – Which Is Better for Running Databases?

Undoubtedly, cloud platforms are the standard choice for IT infrastructure for organizations today. As a result, cloud database deployment has grown rapidly over the years. But the dilemma over choosing an on-p...


Migrating from Monolith to Microservices? Follow These Best Practices for a Seamless Transition

With the increasing complexities of applications, businesses are now resorting to innovative ways of building highly scalable, flexible software solutions. To that end, tech companies with foresight should cons...