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Digital Employee Onboarding Solution
Digital Transformation Technology

Why Digital Employee Onboarding Solutions Have Become A Priority for HR Teams In 2021?

Why Digital Employee Onboarding Solutions Have Become A Priority for HR Teams In 2021? New Normal — a phrase that topped the search engine charts in June 2020, and while it was soaring through the ranks, organi...

Interactive Data Visualization
Data Digital Transformation Technology

The Why and How of Interactive Data Visualizations

There is an adage that goes – a picture speaks a thousand words. In the business context, it means that if an organization wants to put across its ideas, inferences, or any other information, it must consider r...

IoT Data Visualization
Digital Transformation IoT Technology

What Makes IoT Data Visualization Challenging

The concept of connected smart devices, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), has exploded in popularity. Organizations across all industry sectors look to take advantage of the proliferation of connected IoT ...

RPA and Digital Transformation 2021
Digital Transformation RPA

RPA + Digital Transformation – The Winning Combo In 2021

A couple of years ago, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was predominantly known as the most basic automation technique aimed at relieving manual intervention for mundane tasks, especially in the insurance secto...

App Or Website Optimized Customer Experience

App or Website – What Should You Choose to Deliver an Optimized Customer Experience?

Websites and mobile apps both offer unique advantages to companies. To maximize their outreach, businesses need to effectively employ a robust strategy for both mobile apps and websites. But when it comes to re...

Data Transformation and Digital Transformation in 2021
Digital Transformation

Why Data Transformation Is Level 0 For Any Digital Transformation

We are living in an era where the data created daily outnumbers the number of living beings on the planet regularly!  By 2025, IDC predicts that connected IoT devices globally alone will produce close to 79.4 Z...