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Why Digital Employee Onboarding Solutions Have Become A Priority for HR Teams In 2021?

Why Digital Employee Onboarding Solutions Have Become A Priority for HR Teams In 2021?

New Normal — a phrase that topped the search engine charts in June 2020, and while it was soaring through the ranks, organizations across the world were brainstorming to keep up with the swiftly changing trends.

Amidst this remarkable shift, an often-overlooked field of “Digital Employee Onboarding” grew in stature, and rightly so. Companies going on a hiring spree during the remote working period had to redefine their onboarding strategies to move them to a digital mode. 

A recent Glassdoor report revealed that excellent employee onboarding is a precursor to increasing the chances of employee retention by 82%.

At the same time, 88% of organizations not facilitating high-grade onboarding is possibly the most contradictory stat ever; however, it’s certainly not the one that surprises. 

But the things that have changed, as COVID-19 has brought about a notable transition in organizational beliefs. 

And today, as we knock on the doors of the New Normal, digital employee onboarding solution is what businesses are resorting to.

Organizational Success and High-Grade Employee Onboarding – Deciphering the Relationship

Before getting into the technicalities, it is essential that we come to an agreement with the philosophy — the more welcoming the onboarding process, the higher and more accelerated the chances of employees adhering to the brand’s identity and mission. From job satisfaction to upliftment in performance to even desired-level engagement, the onboarding process constitutes the basic building blocks of organizational productivity.

According to SHRM, the four levels of onboarding include –

  • Compliance: Here, the employees are taught about the basic policies and workplace regulations. 
  • Clarification: This level entails a detailed description of the job profile and the associated roles and responsibilities of the employees. 
  • Culture: As the name suggests, it calls for detailing the workplace culture, the governing principles of the internal environment, and knowledge about formal and informal developments. 
  • Connection: This is where employees feel at home, for they are pushed through information networks to realize interpersonal relationships. 

Research reveals that only a handful of organizations practice “Connection.” Besides, about 20% adhere to the cultural block, and almost 50% resort to Clarification. 

All in all, half of the organizations never move beyond the Compliance stage. In that light, they do too little for ensuring organizational productivity. Perhaps, they don’t consider it a metric for organizational success when, in fact, it is integral to the very inclination of organizations towards their mission. 

But, here’s the thing. Complying with the Cultural or Connection stage, for that matter, requires proactiveness alongside resources – both human and financial. 

Digital Employee Onboarding – The Way Forward Post COVID

So, it’s established that the conventional onboarding process, while theoretically sound, doesn’t befit organizations of all levels. And for those who have been doing great, it’s a challenge to manage the onboarding process during these strange times. 

In both the cases, digital employee onboarding solution seems to be winning the bid. Here’s why?

Seamless Onboarding Experience

A 2017 HRD report revealed that almost 26% of the employees weren’t offered a desk on the first day — well, it wasn’t ready. That’s a big number and portrays the onboarding crisis. 

With a digital employee onboarding solution in place, such troubles don’t stand a chance because organizations need to concentrate solely on tangible aspects. Simply put, steps like orientation, form-filling, document submission, workflow detailing, mentorship allocation, etc. can be carried out online. 

Since the entire onboarding experience is handled digitally, the manual process is reduced to setting the workplace for the employees. At present, when most organizations are preferring to switch to remote working entirely, there’s hardly any need even for the aforementioned manual procedure. 

Faster Processes

This is a no-brainer. Document submission, employee verification, and orientation can take hours and even days. Large-scale organizations often have to reserve specific days for each employee’s onboarding process, something that, regrettably, exponentiates the onboarding time.

With digital onboarding solutions, all these processes can be carried out digitally through mobile apps. Organizations can reduce the onboarding time by as much as 90%. And when that’s achieved, the aforementioned philosophy of employees inclining towards the mission becomes a reality. 

Low Onboarding Cost

From the shipment of onboarding kits to engagement through different channels and facilitation of stationery to collecting and storing documents, both the direct and indirect costs involved are proportional to the number of employees being hired. 

Talk about onboarding 100+ employees every day, and you’re earning yourself a financial headache. And these are just the pre-onboarding facets. Costs can further increase during the first 30 days. 

In that light, a digital employee onboarding solution is not an option but a necessity to keep the finances in check, especially post covid. We’re talking about an 80% reduction in the onboarding costs, and that’s massive. 

High-Engagement, High-Retention, and Better Performance

When everything’s seamless, you can expect to reap the rewards in terms of employees engaging profoundly and preferring to stay longer. In concrete terms, this is where the phrase “First Impression is the Last Impression” aptly befits the proceedings. 

Almost 15% of employees leave the offer on the table due to ill-structured and implausible onboarding processes — a stat that bites the dust with paperless onboarding. 

A Gift for Nature

COVID-19 has tested human lives on almost every front; however, it has been a blessing in disguise for the natural environment with notable reductions in pollution levels. 

What further complements this blessing is the fact that everyone is working remotely and more or less looking for digital solutions. To that end, it is safe to say that incorporating a digital employee onboarding solution is a win-win and would remain that way. 

Paperless Onboarding Platform by Heptagon

Liked what you read? Here’s what you’d like even more. We associated with Quess Corp Limited to facilitate a paperless onboarding platform for their massive scale employee onboarding process. 

Guess what? We assisted in onboarding 6 lakh candidates, reduced the onboarding cost by 80%, significantly decreased processing errors and the onboarding time, and exponentiated employee engagement. 

And all this while — saving 20 million sheets of paper and 4000 trees. It doesn’t get any better, or does it? Perhaps, for your business, the proportions can be even more progressive. 

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