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Ten-Point Checklist to Evaluate A Mobile App Development Company 

Mobile app development is no longer even a matter of debate. If you are a business looking to maximize your reach and increase growth, then having a mobile app is a must for you. Currently, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, indicating the massive growth of the mobile app development industry.

Moreover, the app revenue from mobile apps is expected to reach around $582 billion in the year 2020. The current COVID-19 situation has only given the push to this trend. During the pandemic, mobile app usage has surged by 40%.

But once you decide to join the bandwagon and launch your own mobile app, things get a little tricky. Choosing a mobile app development company can be a difficult task. There are so many such companies, and you can’t simply go with the one that is the cheapest or the one that approaches you first.

You need to be very careful in choosing your mobile app development partner. It is a critical decision since the right firm can help build an app that serves you in the long run, whereas the wrong firm could negatively impact your business.

Since it could be a make or break decision for your business, here we have created a ten-point checklist for choosing the right mobile app development company. This checklist will help you make a better decision.

Things to consider while looking for a mobile app development company

While choosing a mobile app development company, keep the following things in mind:

  • Let the work speak for itself

Nothing gives a better idea of a company’s app development capabilities than their previous work. You must ask for previous work samples. This would give you a better idea of their development capabilities.

Having detailed case studies can also help you understand the company’s approach towards tackling app development issues. You must also assess the past work based on aspects that are important for you. Do they have the technical proficiency to pull off your project? Do they have the designing capabilities as per your need? 

Having a look at customer reviews can also provide valuable insights into the quality of their work.

  • Don’t look (only) for the cheapest option

Cost is an important factor while looking for a mobile app development company, but it shouldn’t be a deciding factor. If you decide to go with simply the cheapest option, you might hurt yourself in the long run. In case the final mobile app isn’t up to your expectations, then you will be left spending a lot more money on re-developing or improving this app.

Moreover, you must discuss all the elements of the app development costs before finalizing a contract. You must talk about cost overruns, underlying fees, and future upgrade costs.

  • Consider their market awareness

It is important to assure that the mobile app development company you are partnering with has adequate market awareness. The company should be aware of all the emerging trends of the mobile app industry so that they can design the app in accordance with the current trends. Having a good awareness of the domain can help in developing a suitable mobile app.

You must also look at whether the company has cross-platform development capabilities. Even though you might be currently looking at only developing an Android app, you might expand to iOS later on.  In some cases, if you are budget and time constrained, you may need to develop hybrid apps or progressive web apps.So, having a company capable of developing all types of apps for both platforms will be helpful. 

  • Evaluate UI/UX skills

Not just the technical expertise, you must also look at the creative capabilities of the company. Having a good UI/UX can be a defining factor for your app. It’s important that your app not only has all the important features but also looks easy on the eye and is user-friendly.

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  • Work with companies that follow proper non-disclosure measures

Many app ideas are often leaked, resulting in poor-quality replica apps being launched on the app stores before the original app. If you want to avoid a similar scenario with your app, you must ensure that your partner mobile app development company has proper security measures in place. The idea and concept of your app must remain highly confidential until it releases in the app store.

You can also consider signing a non-disclosure agreement with the app developers.

  • Consider companies willing to develop a proof of concept

If you have plans for developing a large-scale app, it’s a smart decision to look for app development companies that are comfortable with developing a proof of concept (POC) before starting work on the complete app.

The POC can help give you a better idea of the vendor’s development capabilities, and you are also free to develop a basic outline of all the features you are looking for in an app.

  • Discuss support, maintenance, and future upgrades

Your relationship with the app development company won’t end after the launch of the app. After launching the app, you’ll also need to deliver regular updates and maintenance. To do so, you’ll need support from the app development company. So, you must ensure that your app developer provides maintenance services and upgrades in the future. 

  • Enquire about their capability to handle data synchronization

Some apps require offline data synchronization to be able to run without an active internet connection. So, you must ensure that your vendor is capable of handling data synchronization.

The apps that only work online tend to perform worse than those that can work offline and online.

  • Understand their client communication and delivery management protocols

The client and vendor need to stay in touch regarding all the progress and updates during the app development cycle. So, you must check with the mobile app development company about their client communication and delivery management protocols.

Proper communication between the concerned parties ensures that an effective and flawless app is developed. It also ensures that all are on the same page during the entire app development process.

  • Look at building a long-term relationship

Having a long-term relationship with the mobile app development partner will serve you in many ways. It might give you an advantage in future project needs. Moreover, having a company aware of how you work will save you a lot of time if you decide to develop a new mobile app.

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