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The Amazing Automation

The Amazing Automation

“You’re either the one that creates the automation or you’re getting automated

-Tom Preston-Werner

We live in a world where automation/digital transformation is no longer an option, rather a necessity. With the world pandemic in our hands, everyone is trying to stay ahead of the curve by involving automation in their business processes. We at Heptagon are not new to this. We already have an expert team at Heptagon, aiding to the needs of the community with digital transformation and automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one such technology that we show our expertise in. RPA is an automation technology where one or more metaphorical software bots can mimic repetitive human actions in a sequence of steps. To put it in simple words, you can sit back and relax or can focus on a higher-value task while a software bot does your daily mundane tasks seamlessly. 

RPA Training

RPA helps in reducing time, saving money and resources, and also reduces human error by helping you complete your daily routine activities. RPA manipulates the applications as we do by interpreting our triggers, actions and repeating it after us. This, in turn, helps us in putting our efforts on highly analytical tasks that require a human touch. 

We say ‘Action speaks louder than words’. At Heptagon we firmly believe that. We have always stayed a step ahead. Our expertise in RPA is a fair example in this time of crisis. We have already solved problems using RPA and trained global enterprises to seamlessly integrate RPA into their day to day operation.

 “Do it with passion or not at all” 

Rosa Nouchette Carey

In Heptagon, we do everything with the utmost passion. In fact, we have Passion as one of our core values. Heptagon’s enthusiastic team conducted one such event with ultimate passion for the world’s leading brewing industry on Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The event’s major goal was to educate and create awareness about Robotic Process Automation to international business people. We, at Heptagon, always believe in fun learning, and that is how the event panned out to be. The event comprised of different stages, 

  1. Learning facts about RPA through puzzles and quiz
  2. Understanding the analogy of RPA through a flash game/light bot game
  3. Showcasing the real-time bot use cases for the participants 
  4. Presentation by each team regarding what they have learnt in the session 
  5. The certification

RPA Training Bangalore

Bored to Learn? Why Not a Game?

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. 

Keeping this in mind, we started our knowledge sharing with exultancy. The whole event was packed with energy, learning and fun. We have always believed that fun learning would result in higher understanding which led to our first stage that was learning facts about RPA through puzzles and games. The game comprised of  35 international business people,7 mentors, and 7 developers. They were segregated as 7 teams and were allocated with a mentor and a developer each to take them through the whole session and explain the game to their fellow group mates. The members eagerly solved the puzzles with quizzes where they learnt a few facts about RPA and the winner got a satchel of gold coins. 

RPA Gamification

When Mario Met RPA

The second stage was to make them play a video game which is an analogy of RPA. It was mainly designed to make them understand the working of RPA. The team members were provided with required accessories to play the game. They had to give digital instructions like choosing directions from the screen for an RPA mascot (Mario) to move around the map on the screen. The end goal was to light a bulb in the given map. It had multiple rounds with rising complexity. The team played it with great exuberance and reached many levels. 

RPA Training

How We Brought Games to Life

The third stage was to display and have hands-on experience in the real-time use cases of RPA. Our expert team questioned about their daily tiring process and gave real-time solutions to their problems then and there. The group members were given the opportunity to work directly with the application which ripped out the fear of RPA in them. When we showcased this amazing automation it made them much more excited and elated. They were given time for any queries and doubts which were cleared by our very own mentors and developers. The team was very much delighted and surprised to have witnessed the live bot in action. Session two came to an end with great zest and continued to the next session.

RPA Technology Training Bangalore

Bringing it Together

We at Heptagon always give credence to two way communication. Rather than making it a one-way workshop, we made them present a few words regarding what they have learnt and how they can implement RPA in their day to day activities. This was the fourth stage. They had remarkable ideas which they came up with on their own. This was actually the success of the event.

Robotic Process Automation Training

The Finale

Finally, the last stage was certifying the participants with a certificate of excellence and a certificate of participation because we at Heptagon have always believed in appreciating the ones that are willing to learn. Also, the conglomeration of surprise and delight in their face and the way they could think about something so new was the whole aim of Heptagon’s agenda for this workshop. 

RPA Technology Training

Other than that, our major goal of the event was to make them understand “RPA is nothing but taking the Robot out of the human” and making their life easier by unfastening the repetitive mundane daily activities. The good part is, we received an overwhelming response in return. 

This event was a great success and encompassed immense learning for both sides. and that’s the Heptagon way, fun learning with loads of diligence. 


Passion – Teamwork – Openness – Growth

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