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Hi there,

I am Vijay Veera, Co-founder & CEO of Heptagon Technologies, a Digital Transformation company based out of Coimbatore, India

I believe, the Darwinian theory of “Survival of the fittest” is rightly portrayed even in the 21st century. Like any successful living species, in order to survive and get better, one has to evolve.

A company is no different.

With big tech companies eating into every industry, it is of paramount importance that traditional businesses start thinking of Digital Transformation from the grounds up manner with digital technologies at their core. Evolution is not a one time process; rather it should be seen as a continuous process of being a better version of what we were earlier.

tech giants - Apple, Google & Amazon eating into the healtcare industry

Even in developing countries such as India, it is extremely crucial to come out from the traditional outdated business techniques and adopt modern innovations to achieve operational efficiency and growth.

Digitally Transform your Business

In the past couple of years, I am sure you too must have seen these tech giants, the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon and more take up a sizeable chunk of business from almost all industries making SMEs and MSMEs a run for their money. The reason why such big tech have been able to gain customers at an unimaginable pace and scale rapidly is because they have their tech stack sorted.

Hence, I again urge business leaders like you to move from a labor-oriented manual approach to a tech-savvy automated approach. You should start to focus on implementing current and future technologies for the automation and digitalization of your people and premises.

However, the silver lining here is, you don’t have to do it alone. Heptagon is there to guide you through your entire digital transformation journey. Here is a quick video of that journey.

We’ve been building innovative digital solution since 2009 and had the opportunity to work with some mega entities such as the New York City Govt. and BMW. In fact, we have built platforms to distribute these solutions. But these are our success stories. We’ve had our fair share failures and immense learnings from that as well.

So essentially we have fallen down, we’ve picked ourselves up, we’ve walked and now we are talking.

But all of that would not have been possible without a special word – TRUST. Trust is the greatest investment that one person can do in another and we are very glad that all our existing clients have placed their valuable trust in us. Without their trust we would never have grown from a 10 member team based out of coimbatore to 150 member strong company.

In a short span of 2 years we have been able to digitally transform business functions of 40+ marquee customers such as Quess Corp, ITC, V-Guard, AbinBev, Clini Supplies & IBM and all of them tasted success by partnering with us.



Some may call this a client-vendor relationship, but we strongly believe, we are more than that. We are your “Partners in Growth”. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our existing partners and a big shoutout to all out all our future partners.

Reach out to us if you TRUST that Heptagon can be your catayst for growth.

Thank You.

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