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HackDay 2.0 —A log of the  24 hour Hackathon

What a draining yet invigorating last 2 days we had at Heptagon’s HQ in Coimbatore.

Last year when we organized the first version of HackDay, a 24-hour company-wide hackathon we were a small team (40) split into 4 different teams that ideated and hacked for 24 hours straight with just raw passion and bucket loads of coffee.

The visible outcome when we look back is that one of the ideas, Ara- The Digital Receptionist went on to become a full-fledged product and have added more variety to our product portfolio. The invisible outcome was that it introduced our culture to us and the kind of company we were building together.

#HackDay — An event that introduced our culture to us!

HackDay 2.0

Most sequels fail. The biggest reason for that failure is the focus on making it bigger and better and letting go of the fundamentals. We had no intention of making #HepHackSe02 bigger and better just for the sake of it but we asked the most fundamental question.

How do we create value to our clients better?

We looked at our product suite and the project portfolio and asked ourselves how do we add value to these existing suite of products or how do we solve our client’s problems better. This opened up a vast array of thoughts and avenues. To prioritize and make sense of these questions we assigned mentors to every team and began ideating ground up with a clear goal of creating value.


  • Event: Hackday 2.0
  • Place: Heptagon — Coimbatore
  • Date & Time: 07-December-2018 : 11 AM — 08-December-2018 11 AM


Team #1: Misfits
Product Name: Focus
Description: #VideoAnalytics based Attendance/Authorisation System

Team Misfits -Heptagon Hackday 2.0 - Winners

Team #2: Yottabyte
Product Name: Converse
Description: Voice first #BusinessIntelligence Assistant

Team -Yottabyte - Heptagon Hackday 2.0 - Winners

Team #3: HackSlash
Product Name: Offiz
Description: Operating System for modern day workspace

Team - HackSlash - Heptagon Technologies Hackday 2.0

Team #4: Neusis
Product Name: AssetzChain
Description: #Blockchain (#Ethereum) based Asset Management Platform.

Team - Neusis - Heptagon Hackathon

Team #5: Pegasus
Product Name: iGro
Description: Continuous Growth Assessment Platform

Team Pegasus - Heptagon Hackday 2.0

Team #6: Reboot
Product Name: GoFer
Description: Online Experiences for the Offline World

Team Reboot - Heptagon Hackday Event


This year’s highlight was the panel of Judges and their inspiring words.

Judge 1: Mr. Ajit Isaac — Chairman & M.D. of Quess Corp.

Judge 2: Mr. Guruprasad Srinivasan — President & C.E.O — Global Business Services — Quess Corp.

Judge 3: Mr. Manoj Kulgod — Chief Digital Officer — Quess Corp.


Though every team’s technology prowess was indistinguishable the  business potential of certain products were far greater an d clearly evident that made the judges select two teams as the winners.

Team Yottabyte & Team MisFits

Here is what The Hindu Business Line had to say about our event:

What Next?

While the team is already focussed on productizing the solutions, we are mulling over Hackday‘s next season. We have a few

  1. Client-specific Hackathons — We have been asked by our clients to conduct such Hackdays focussed on their problems as they see accelerated solution making and the will of the team to solve problems faster and better.
  2. Open Hackdays— With Coimbatore becoming a niche tech market in India we might open up #Hephack to other companies and focus on bigger societal problems.

We are excited about the prospects of HackDay‘s future and to stay in the loop, do subscribe to our blog.

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