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Peoplechain — an Abstract Introduction!

Peoplechain — Professional Life on Distributed Ledger — an Abstract Introduction!

It’s important to understand that the movement of money is more important than money itself.

Value comes from Movement.

  1. Value of a particle comes from the movement of electrons taking quantum leaps between orbits of different energy levels.
  2. Value of a person in a professional context is determined not just by the quantity of money moved but at the rate at which she can facilitate this movement possible.
  3. Value of a company comes from mastering the movement of money from its consumers’ ledgers to its ledger by solving a problem for them.
  4. Value of a country is derived from the velocity of circulation of money units. which is measured by dividing the GDP by the country’s total money supply. A high velocity of circulation in a country indicates a high degree of inflation. It helps in determining how vigorous a country’s economy is.
  5. Value of the observable universe is determined by the rate at which its expanding.

You see, right from the quantum particles to the entire known universe, movement determines the value.

What does it mean to us?

Bitcoin and Blockchain are the catalysts to this movement in our current society. Accelerated Motion. This might very well be the human civilization’s escape velocity provided we understand and respect the real power of it and not give into the fads.

#Peoplechain — #blockchain powered professional life — will be our small contribution to this catalysis.

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