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Women’s Day — The Heptagon Way

How do you celebrate women’s day the right way? Is it about just passing customary greetings and putting women on a pedestal just for one day? We at Heptagon asked ourselves that and we decided to let the incredible women at Heptagon take the floor and while the rest of us, the men, attentively listened.

Our women spoke about their dreams, their hopes, their fears, their challenges, some even challenged the need for having a day to celebrate women. Does that mean other days aren’t our days? she sharply questioned.

What could have been a gift-giving ceremony like in most offices was turning out to be something different and we were awestruck by their stories, their sacrifice, their journeys and most of all their honesty. We left the room with misty eyes and a clear head. We understood a bit more about our women colleagues but a lot more about ourselves.

At Heptagon, we believe in the equality irrespective of gender, age, color or race and we can’t wait to see all of these women shine brighter in leadership roles not within our company but in the larger world!

Cheers to our incredible women. We are truly blessed and proud to have you all around!

Thank you!

Team Heptagon

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