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Heptagon — Core Values


As we are poised to grow, we are making sure that our foundation is strong enough to hold the growth rate yet nimble enough to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape. One such foundation parameter is the values of the company.

In the most literal sense, values are the moral pointers that help us differentiate good from bad. They form the foundational qualities from which we may not waver irrespective of the situations. We believe in deriving values rather than setting values.

So at Heptagon, we have observed our culture evolve for the past two years, collected everyone’s perspective on their / our values and distilled our core values as below.

PASSION: We obsess over the little details and craft solutions that we are proud of.

Passion - Heptagon Core Values


OPENNESS: We welcome people, perspectives and ideas with an open mind.

Openness - Heptagon Core Values


TEAMWORK: We celebrate collaboration and unite individual sparks into a collective flame.

Teamwork - Heptagon Core Values


GROWTH: We pursue growth as individuals, by pushing boundaries of what is possible.

Growth - Heptagon Core Values

We stand by our values and it exudes in everything we do. The modules of code we write, the user experiences we design, the functionalities we test, the sales pitches we use to solve a customer’s problem, the creative ideas we use to market our products and services, the people we hire and the strategies we use to grow.

We are driven by our values!

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